Laser engraving machines


The LS900 is a large format engraving and cutting solution, perfect for mid to high production output.

The speed and precision of the laser guides reduce the engraving and cutting time to a minimum.

The LS900 comes standard with a heavy-duty floor mounted steel base and includes a shelf for storage of engraving supplies. 

–  Size: 42.5” x 31.9”x 37.2” / 1079 x 810 x 945mm
–  Weight: 170 kg
–  Power range: 60 Watts 
–  Engraving area: 24″ x 24″  / 600 x 600mm

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LS100  35W


–  Size: 760 x 440 x 725mm
–  Speed: Up to 2.54 m/sec
–  Weight: 43kg 
–  Power range: 35 Watts 
–  Engraving area: 460 x 305 x 147mm 
   (maximum item height): 145 mm / 5.8”

LS100EX  40W


–  Size: 1025 x 725 x 450 mm
–  Speed: Up to 2.54 m/sec 
–  Weight: 70 kg
–  Power range: 40 Watts 
–  Engraving area: 610 x 305 x 147 mm
   (maximum item height): 145 mm / 5.8” 

LS100 & LS100EX

LS100 & LS100EX have an integrated exhaust system and can be set up in a factory, workshop, office or retail outlet.  They can be used for personalisation to industrial engraving and cutting.

 LS100 and LS100Ex can be adapted to different materials such as acrylics, plastics, coated metals, natural materials (paper, wood, leather, etc.) and soft materials (foam, rubber). A range of accessories are available for these solutions, which ensure quick and easy adaption to varying job conditions.

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Rotary engraving machines


  • Engrave items of various shapes (cubic, cylindrical, conical) and easy to switch from engraving on flat materials straight to cylinder objects in less than 30 seconds.

  • Totally compatible with any PC graphics software generating HPGL files.

  • Very quiet and powerful spindle motor with direct current.

  • Processing times are optimized thanks to enhanced electronics.

Dimensions (mm)

900 x 610 x 890

Weight (kg)


Engraving area (mm)

305 x 210

Z axis (mm)

Travel: 40 – Spindle travel at bottom: 400


Tool diameter: 4.36 mm – Rotation speed: 11 to 20,000 rpm



  • Aesthetic & quiet – Can be used in store-fronts, offices, warehouses, factories, or at home.

  • Flexible – Machine can be driven from any graphic / design software.

  • Thanks to its completely open vise and the advanced software long plate management feature, the IS400 engraving machine is truly capable of tackling long objects and signs.

Dimensions (mm) 435 x 610 x 890
Weight (kg) 50
Engraving area (mm) 305 x 210
Z axis (mm) Travel: 40 – Spindle travel at bottom: 120
Spindle Tool diameter: 4.36 mm – Rotation speed: 11 to 20,000 rpm


Affordable and self contained, easy to operate and portable.  Ideal for small engraving jobs like medals, watches, ID tags, bracelets and small signs.

Dimensions (mm) 345 x 315 x 305 mm
Weight (kg) 11.5
 Engraving area (X-Y) 100 X 100 mm
 Z dimension  40 mm

For any queries regarding these machines, or to find out more about the full range of engraving machines we can supply, please contact us.

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