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IS6 XP / 7 XP / 8000XP

Rotary Engravers: IS6 XP / 7 XP / 8000XP
Table support optional extra
Table support optional extra
IS6000XP, IS7000XP and IS8000XP machines providing reliability and quality for engraving and milling. These machines use a heavy duty 200W continuous power spindle motor.

Small: IS6000XP
- Engraving area: 610 x 410mm
- Net Weight: 180Kg

Medium: IS7000XP
- Engraving area: 610 x 815mm
- Net Weight: 230Kg

Large: IS8000XP
- Engraving area: 610 x 1220mm
- Net Weight: 280Kg

  • Direct current X, Y and Z axis motors. Ball bearing screws with prestressed nuts.
  • Fast. Max. speed = 240mm/s.
  • Powerful and quiet spindle motor with 200 W direct current. Equipped with a collet spindle with a system of presetting for cutters.
  • Adjustable rotation speed from 13000 to 20000 rpm for machining of various materials.
  • Gravograph’s software GravoStyle allows you to create and machine your work on IS6000-7000-8000 XP tables with efficiency.
  • An external and perfectly secure rack for performance of electronics allowing maximum efficiency.

Optional accessories:
- Standard concentric tightening vice
- Industrial vice
- 300 W high frequency spindle
- Complete range of spindles (standard, collet, diamond, HF…)
- Automatic input/output control
- Lubrication system
- Table supports
- Protection strips for cutting out operations

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