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LS100 35W

Laser Engravers: LS100 35W


The LS100 is a compact, yet versatile and rugged, laser engraver perfect for quick and easy set-up in your shop, office or retail outlet.

Ideal for applications such as trophies and awards, thin material cutting, personalisation, small signage, gift items, parts marking, photographs and glass marking.

LS100 CO2 Laser Engraver
- Size: 760 x 440 x 725mm
- Weight: 43kg
- Power range: 40 Watts
- Engraving area: 460 x 305 x 147 mm

  • With its intuitive interface, the optional GravoStyle 7 (Graphic Level) software package is user-friendly and makes job creation easier than ever. It allows photos to be engraved very easily.
  • Parameters are saved with the job and the advanced functions provide extended capabilities for specific engraving requirements (bar codes, matrix function, rubber stamp wizards, dials, etc.)
  • Standard front access provides effortless loading and adjusting of bulky objects, which means it's ergonomic for daily use while ensuring CDRH Class 2a safety level.
  • With easy to understand functions, the LCD control panel enhances efficiency and productivity thanks to its short-cut keys.
  • Optional accessories like a cylindrical attachment, vector cutting table, several exhaust options and integrated air compressor provide the tools to satisfy your customers’ needs and expand your business.
  • Red-aiming beam allows for quick set-up by performing a trial run before engraving object.
  • Auto-focus feature cuts down production time by automatically setting the focus to the object that you are engraving on your CO2 laser engraver, even in hollow areas.
  • Fume and dust exhausts range and air assist improves processing of certain materials like rubber, leather, and acrylic, preserving working environment.


Optional accessories:

- Base stand, welded tubular steel
- Integrated and various independent exhaust systems
- Alternate lenses (38, 63.5, 89,101.5mm focal length)
- Honeycomb cutting table
- Floating pin table h=30mm
- Integrated compressor for air assist
- Rotary device to engrave round parts, maximum diameter 130mm

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